Purchase Huafei mobile phones, give away original shares, promote and still make big money



With a population of over 1.4 billion in 54 African countries, the current smartphone penetration rate has only reached 51%. Everyone dreams of owning a smartphone to chat, shop, take a taxi, pay, take photos, study, listen to music, and watch videos online. Today, after the launch of Chuanyin Mobile, Huafei Mobile has become another mobile phone brand, making a strong debut in the African market! On the day of its listing in September 2019, Transsion Mobile's stock appreciated 96 times, with a market value of 47.6 billion yuan!


Huafei Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "HFICT" in English) adopts a comprehensive community e-commerce member marketing model, adopts an independently developed marketing system, and adopts the method of "consumption equals investment, investment drives consumption". After more than half a year of organizational training, the main force of marketing is African people who have studied in China. They have now reached 1000 marketing teams, and are each forming a 10 person sales team. In August, they will reach a sales team of 10000 people, each responsible for promoting 10 mobile phones. The formation of Huafei mobile phone buyers becoming the original shareholders of HFICT and also becoming Huafei mobile phone dealers.

After purchasing a mobile phone, I can use it as a sample to promote it. I can directly promote one and earn 20% of my income, which is $40. For indirect promotion, I can earn 5% of my income, which is $10. I recommend 5 people to take it back. The more I promote, the more income I can earn! How much money can be earned in a year is up to you! Every buyer of a mobile phone has 200 original shares, and when the listed trading stocks appreciate, they will make more money!